Yianna Kokalas

Design Patterns Decorator

A very handy pattern is the decorator pattern because it simply wraps an object and delegates all responsibilities to that object. It will also add onto that object without mutating the original object, it only decorates it.

Design Patterns: Observer

What is an Observer Pattern?

Design patterns are abstract concepts to guide your development not force you into specific implementation. Modern day programs that employ some sort of Observer pattern are more of a nod to the pattern rather than a strict implementation.

Design Patterns: State

State Pattern by example

This is a small example of the state pattern using the notion of a gumball machine. This is from the book Head First Design Patterns, Chapter 10. The original code was all done in Java but we are doing it in Ruby.

Pattern Matching in Elixir

Pattern matching in elixir is right associative which means it evaluates expressions right to left.